Product Description

We offer two different methods of printing, in order to provide the result that best suits your artwork. Below is a description to give you an idea of what the printing process is like.

Screen printing: Screen printing involves creating a "screen", and then using that screen to apply layers of paint on the printing surface. Each color is applied using a different screen, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. We can use max 4 colors.

Heat Press: When we use the term heat press, we are describing a machine that has a platen which gets super-hot. This machine has several controls such as temperature, pressure, and time. These controls are needed, because in order to properly apply a material onto a garment you need to make sure they are set correctly. Basically, this machine is like a large iron that gets very hot (400 degrees Fahrenheit) and has a large surface area. A large surface area is needed since it will be needed to print on shirts that range in size from small to six XL. Most often times, the material that is used with a heat press is vinyl. Vinyl is made of a similar material to PVC pipe, but apparel vinyl is very flexible. In addition, apparel vinyl is designed to act as an adhesive at very hot temperatures. This way, when its placed-on apparel, it literally melts onto it and will last hundreds of washes.